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E-Liquid Laws 2016

In 2016 vaping is set to change in the UK. Upcoming regulation and restrictions mean that the way you vape will almost certainly be affected. There are 2 separate routes that electronic cigarettes can be regulated under: as tobacco products under the EU Tobacco Products Directive and as medical products with licencing from the MHRA. We have compiled all the facts you need to know about electronic cigarette UK regulation in 2016 and how it will affect us all.

The first EU Tobacco Products Directive was released back in 2001. It’s main goal was to reduce tobacco usage across Europe especially for the younger generation. In 2014, behind closed doors it was decided to add electronic cigarettes to this directive to allow regulation of these devices by classifying them as tobacco related products. After several failed attempts to get a majority to agree on the new revision to include e-cigs, these new regulations were bundled with several other proposals such as plain packaging, tighter age restrictions and larger health warnings for tobacco cigarettes to finally get enough votes for it to pass.

For more information go to the website https://cigelectric.co.uk/e-cig-uk-regulation-2016/